Other than two 30 second commericals as an extra in a nursing home (which, after two years, can still be seen on local channels), this is Bob Pearson's first film.

He has been with the Community Players of Concord for twenty-one years as an actor, producer, board member and backstage worker, as well as performing with Pittsfield Players, Northwood Theatre Workshop, Egg Timers, and New Thalian Players.

He was a reading specialist for Concord School District before discovering that retirement was much more fun.  He enjoys travel, skiing, reading, theater and meeting unusual people, all of which he has had the opportunity to do in The Sacrifice.

He thanks Jamie and Erich for casting him in the role of Eli.  He enjoys playing a sweet, grandfatherly character, but has discovered that two years of high school Latin didn't prepare him adequately for some of the lines in the film.  While enjoying this experience immensely, he doesn't want to lose his head over it.