(Main Picture - from left to right)

(Coach Warren)

Coach Warren appears in several scenes in the film. Apparently, the Coach is out on the town tonight.

Laura Deschenes  (Cafe Patron)

Valerie Snyder  (Cafe Patron)

Valerie Snyder is David Snyder's younger sister.

Aja Rule  (Cafe Patron)

Aja Rule is a friend of Valerie Snyder's.

Judy Snyder  (Cafe Patron)

Judy Snyder is David Snyder's mother.

David Snyder, Sr.  (Cafe Patron)

David Snyder, Sr. is David Snyder's father. He didn't bill himself as "Sr." on his release form, but we added that to distinguish him from his son.
(Insert - from left to right)

Chris Herman  (Cafe Patron)

Chris Herman is a housemate of Erich's. He had no idea, when we asked him to participate in this scene that he would have coffee spilled on him - twice. Fortunately, for us, he endured it with good humor.

Cary D. Gladstone  (Cafe Patron)

Yes, that's Cary Gladstone, who plays Policeman #1 in several other scenes in the film. David's animosity towards him in this scene doesn't just stem from his dislike of authority figures. The policeman is also a symbol of Eli's power.

Jeff Delano  (Bradley Somerset)

Jeff Delano has been a friend of mine for the past fifteen years. He has recently been involved in several productions at Concord Community Players, including Lucky Stiff, Titanic and Inherit the Wind. His character is supposed to be one of the town selectmen, but we needed a Cafe Clerk, so we decided that Bradley Somerset not only owned the cafe, but also tended the counter at times. It's supposed to be a small town, after all. Unfortunately, he ended up being listed in the credits simply as "Cafe Clerk". Jeff can also be seen standing in the background during the ritual scene, and might be glimpsed in what we refer to as the "Cocktail Party" scene - where the boys are peering through the window at the cult gathering.