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The Trailer

Quicktime - High Resolution (12.9 MB)

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Windows Media Player (16.8 MB)


800 x 600

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Music from the soundtrack

(The entire soundtrack will be available on CD soon!)

"The Sacrifice" - Main Theme

The Cemetery

The Kiss

The Screenplay

Screenplay (in .pdf format)

Outtakes that didn't make the DVD

Rob falls on the floor - when he doesn't need to

Jonathan gets fed up

David breaks the "stone" altar

Mrs. Henniker closes the door in Jonathan's face

Production stills

Telling Rob the correct way to open a door

David thinks destroying our set is funny

The director seems to be having a bad day

Bob trying to be intimidating

Kymra preparing for her big line: "Hello, Jonathan!"

The poor girl is obviously frightened out of her wits

I hear it's good for the skin

A Brief Clip From "For A Small Fee"

This is one of the advertisements that Paul is shown for a Medieval fantasy game. Sound effects will be added later.

Windows Media Player
(~7 MB)


This is the 2 minute short film we made for a contest this Summer. The contest appears to have been aborted, but we're proud of this film and would like it to be seen.

WARNING: This footage is bloody and fairly graphic.

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MPEG - Low Resolution (~12.5 MB)