Ford Natirboff was recommended to me by a local theater troupe. He proved invaluable during our first weekend of shooting, recruiting a couple of his friends (Andrew Surina and Bowen Staines) to be student extras, and also running around town with David Snyder in quest of more "students." (They did eventually rope Maureen Murphy into participating.)

Ford was extremely uncomfortable with his one line in the film ("Fag!"), for which, I have to say, I was glad.

He had originally been given a second line, during the gym scene: "What a dork!" Due to me screwing up the take of this, and not discovering my mistake until the next day, we had to re-shoot the entire scene a month later. Unfortunately, Ford was unable to make it that day, so we had to give Aron Theroux the line. The original scene can be seen in the "Deleted Scenes" section of the DVD.