Yes, that's me, Herr Direktor, doing my obligatory "director's cameo" in the ritual scene. I also appeared in the "Cocktail Party" scene at the Corwin House, mid-way through the movie.

I've gotten pretty tired of directors always having to stick their faces in their films, these days. It was funny, when Hitchcock did it, but now it's practically expected, and comes off as overly self-conscious and vain. I was hoping to avoid it myself. But when we filmed the scene at the Corwin House, we had a hard time scraping together enough cultists, so when the time came to get a shot of John Lowry, I didn't have anyone handy who's face hadn't already been in the shot. So I reluctantly stepped in.

Later, we needed some more shots of cultists standing around watching the ritual - particularly of cultists stepping forward to help Eli - so we filmed a couple more shots of me.

Unfortunately, the fact that I've been established as John Lowry, one of the town selectmen, means I have to appear in our upcoming sequel to The Sacrifice, as well. Fortunately, for our audience, I'll be dying horribly.