Riley is David Snyder's adorable, but somewhat hyperkinetic boxer. We spent the better part of an hour, trying to get him to sit in one position long enough to get a five-second shot. (Okay, admittedly, there are two shots, from different angles.) The final shots that made it into the film usually get a big laugh from the audience, so it was well worth it.

Unfortunately, when I asked David how to spell Riley's name, he replied, "It comes from the word 'riled', as in 'all riled up'." While this should have been enough to go on, I somehow got it into my head that 'riled' was spelled 'wriled'. (It isn't.) This is why Riley's name is misspelled in the credits. My apologies to Riley and David.

Riley's name in the film is Ani, for two reasons. Firstly, it's something that could be considered a "nickname" for Anubis, the dog-headed Egyptian god to whom Jonathan was praying, in the scene. Secondly, it was an offhand tribute to my parent's faithful lhasa apso, Annie, who passed away a couple years ago. When I first wrote the scene, I pictured the dog as a very tiny breed, like a toy poodle, because I thought that would be the most humorous. Fortunately, Riley's "what's your problem?" expression more than fits the bill.