Robert Kersey grew up in New Hampshire, but was born in Virginia. He moved to NH during his early childhood. Most of his early years were spent in the cub scouts and studying martial arts. After four years of studying karate, his studying stopped so he could focus on his education. He later picked up martial arts again in 2001; taking up shaolin kung fu this time around. He earned his 1st degree black belt in the art and has since taken a break from the school; however, he has never given up his love of the martial arts and continues to read texts on several different styles of kung fu.

He went to high school at Alvirne High School in NH where his focus of study was english. He joined many afterschool clubs including: Gaming Club, Drama Club, the literary magazine, and several other clubs to take up his time. Robert always loved movies, but the thought of acting never entered his mind until he started high school. In his freshman year, he joined the Drama Club as the shy, green-haired, unknown kid. He was brought in by a friend of his and stayed to himself during his first meeting. He later grew to enjoy their company and helped out. The following year, he was given the role of Borachio in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. However, because of unforseen problems the production was canceled. Throughout his high school career he continued to have his hand in acting, but each production was canceled. He continued to study english by squeezing in 5 1/2 years of english classes into a 4 year career. His classes included: british literature, fantasy, college composition, creative writing, and public speaking along with the usual first three years of english courses.

After graduation, he took a year off from school only to quickly hop back into academia by attending NHCTC in 2003. He spent two years jumping from major to major. During his first year he studied business. In the first half of his second year, he studied computers and in the second half, he studied massage therapy. While attending college, he joined the Diversity Club and the Player's Club (similar to the Gaming Club.) During his second year at NHCTC, he was taken on as the treasurer of the Diversity Club. The club promoted gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender lifestyles and tried to bring a better awareness to the local community. Robert was unable to find any major worth working at while in college and left after his second year.

Nowadays, he spends his time studing anything having to do with computers, more martial arts texts, reading books on acting, and spending his time with his friends, family, and girlfriend of more than two years, Anna Dumas.

The Sacrifice is his first film and his acting debut. He looks forward to doing more films and one day moving out to L.A. to do more work.