In an early version of the film, shown at Gaylaxicon 2005, it was my face that appeared over Christoph's skull, during the final ritual. This was simply because I didn't have anyone else to do it, at the time. But it looked pretty silly. For one thing, I'm forty years old, and I don't look like I'm over 100. (At least, I hope I don't.) Besides, I'd already been established as John Lowry in an earlier scene.

So I cajoled my friend Robert Stiefel into doing it. He doesn't look like he's over 100, either, but he at least has gray hair. He was dead tired the night we shot him, standing against a black backdrop in my apartment, so his weary why-are-you- summoning-me-at-this-time-of-night expression is only partly acting.

Robert is a retired Episcopal minister and now teaches history classes at the University of New Hampshire.