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Jonathan arrives at Dunkirk High School, not exactly thrilled to be there.
The guidance counselor, Prudence, is distinctly unimpressed with him and his mother, Laura.
In his first class, however, Jonathan appears to gain an ally...
...although he isn't quite sure what to make of David, especially when David corners him in the hallway to examine his pentacle.
They agree to meet at a local cafe, after school, and Jonathan finds that David shares his interest in the occult.
The next day, after Jonathan takes a beating in gym class...
...the history teacher, Mr. Allen, tells the class the story of the Mariposa, a Spanish ship that arrived in Dunkirk in 1784, bringing disease and death to the small New England town.
David convinces Jonathan to bring his Ouija board to the local cemetery, where he hopes to contact the spirits of those who died in the plague.
But what the boys find, instead, is a group of people digging up a grave in the middle of the night.
Once the grave-robbers finally leave, Jonathan and David investigate the grave. It is the grave of Tobias Corwin.
Jonathan wonders if there might be a clue to why Tobias's grave was desecrated in old town records, so David suggests looking in the Library's historical room.
Jonathan attempts to sneak into his house, but Laura is on to him, and not happy about what he's been up to.
He manages to narrowly avoid being grounded for the rest of his life, and his mother lets him into the historical room. Later, David finds him back in the cemetery.
Jonathan has discovered that more than one grave has been dug up. All the desecrated graves belong to Corwins.
Laura forces him to go clothes shopping and he learns that there is one Corwin still living in town.
Jonathan pursuades his mother to take him to Eli Corwin's antique shop. There doesn't seem to be anything particularly unusual about the old man.
The next morning, the boys head to the town library, where they discover that Josiah Corwin, the first Corwin to live in Dunkirk, may have been involved in the death of a servant girl named Mary Legget.
When they attempt to contact the spirits again that night, Jonathan has a frightening vision of the bodies in the mass grave.
But they don't have long to wait, before the gravediggers return...
...And this time the boys follow the leader, as he carries another skull through the forest to an old, seemingly abandoned house.
They peer through the window to find a gathering of people in black robes.